"Forget-Me-Not": A True Short Story of Hope

on Monday, 23 April 2012. Posted in APM Blogs

We always hold onto the memories of past loved ones long after they have left us. Many of us believe our beloved passed are peacefully watching over us from above, and have even encountered moments when we feel they are still with us somehow. It's these moments that give us inspiration and new belief in hope.

As I was doing my morning patrol through my Facebook feed, I came across one of my long time friend's who posted a story about a suprise her grandmother woke up to this morning. She posted the picture that faces this blog and her story reads as follows:

"Today is my Grandpa's 83rd birthday that he is in Heaven celebrating. My Grandma asked for a sign from him that he is okay and yesterday woke up to her garden bed full of forget-me-nots (she is never even able to grow flowers there). I know today he is having a great birthday celebrating in Heaven and is still keeping all of us on Earth on our toes- thanks for the snow!"

This beautiful happening occured this morning, on a day that most of upstate New York unseasonably had a small significant snow fall. The simple wonder of a sign from our passed loved ones is enough to fill us with hope for the future and serenity that our loved ones are at peace.

I was instantly inspired by my friend's story as it so closely resonates with us all. The unbreakable bond we share with our loved ones remains strong, long after they have left us. My father passed away almost 8 years ago and I can still feel his presence - I think about how he would handle certain situations, what advice he would give me during my troubles, and and even get a tiny conversation in there sometimes. No matter where I am, I feel he is with me.

Life blesses us with precious moments that we hold dear in our memories. Cherish each moment spent with your loved ones and create memories that will last more than a lifetime. Preserve your past, create a legacy, and share life's most beautiful gift  - our memories - with your loved ones for generations.

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