National Siblings Day: A Celebration of Our Closest Companions

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National Siblings Day: A Celebration of Our Closest Companions
National Siblings Day is a movement, sponsored by the Siblings Day Foundation, that has been gaining momentum over the last decade in an effort to promote the universal love of our brothers and sisters. Celebrated on April 10, in honor of founder Claudia Evart's late sister's birthday. National Siblings Day is a time to reflect and appreciate your siblings as companions. 

Even though National Siblings Day was a couple of days ago, what it represents should be celebrated daily. It is explained beautifully on their website (

"Siblings Day strengthens the family unit by reminding us that a bond with our siblings is forever a special gift. If you are fortunate enough to have a sibling, you know the relationship has a tremendous impact on our lives.  It is important that we understand how vital it is to cherish, love and respect our brothers and sisters in the tradition that was handed down by our parents and grandparents...Siblings are the reason we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day."

A brother or sister relationship is easily the longest relationship any of us will have over our lifetime. Its important to nurture and cherish this relationship throughout the years. National Siblings Day is meant to highlight the importance of this companionship and celebrate an unbreakable bond.

Although National Siblings Day is not a recognized holiday in the United States, yet - it has been an annually celebrated event in one African nation, several South Asian countries, and Northern India for hundreds of generations.

Claudia Evart is gaining support and making tangible progress to acheive recognition for this celebration. Many tiers of government have shown their support of National Siblings Day in effort to help make it a national holiday. If you would like to support the campaign, you can do so by making a tax deductible donation today.

Preserve old and create new memories with your siblings and loved ones as often as you can. Restore old photographs and create vibrant prints; or embrace your creative side with a custom slideshow of memories

However you preserve, protect, or create new memories just remember to cherish each moment spent with the people who mean the most.

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    this is great :)

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