Preserve Family Memories - A FamilyFun Magazine Incentive

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Preserve Family Memories - A FamilyFun Magazine Incentive
We all wish we could spend more time with our families, making memories and enjoying time spent with loved ones. Now there is a fun incentive to encourage spending close time with your family.

In June, Disney's FamilyFun Magazine launched a yearlong campaign dedicated to celebrating family fun and memories called Badges of Fun. Each family can earn ten uniquely themed badges by completing the family activity tasks outlined by each badge.

Each badge suggests interesting and unique ways to spend time with your family and create lasting memories together. This month, the featured badge is the Preserve Family Memories badge. Simply choose from one of the listed activities, create your memories, and download your family badge!

Here are the suggested activities for this badge, as well as ideas from APM Studio:
  1. Organize Family Momentos - Create a custom book of memories with  a Photobook
  2. Collect Family Stories and History - Produce a Video Biography, documentary or tribute bute video and pass on your family legacy
  3. Display Photo Memories - Choose your favorite photo memories and upload them to a Digital Photo Frame with an attractive LCD screen and smooth transitions

Visit for more information from FamilyFun Magazine.

Even if you don't participate in the Badges of Fun Program, be sure to preserve your memories every step of the way. Take a look at our Media Transfer Options  and transfer your memories to share with loved ones for a lifetime.

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