Take Action: Say NO to Congress Censorship on the Internet

on Thursday, 19 January 2012. Posted in APM Blogs

Take Action: Say NO to Congress Censorship on the Internet
Living in the "Information Age" we are constantly surrounded and saturated with material from the web streamed through our computers, notebooks, ipads, phones, and even television. In an effort to stop online piracy, the US Government has put in place two bills to "counter" the issue.

In the Senate, the Protect IP Act (PIPA) is circulating while the House of Representatives holds the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The US Government is trying to decrease the amount of pirated information and any information regarding anything that was obtained without permission. Although this seems to be moving toward a moral compass, in reality, these two acts will change the internet entirely as we know it.

Due to the controversy of the two bills before Congress, many popular websites were inactive yesterday due to protest. The Government could impose regulations to censor our internet similiar to those methods used in China. These bills will actually delete information from web pages and in cases even delete the entire web page making it un-viewable in your browser and will even delete them from search engines. 

Another harmful aspect of SOPA and PIPA is the regulations and responsibilites put onto businesses. United States internet companies would have to monitor absolutely everything that is linked or uploaded in connection with them to ensure it is not pirated material, or face potential summons and punishment, wasting more time and money than needed.

Probably the most upsetting fact about these two bills is that they will not perform the way they are meant to. SOPA and PIPA were created to end counterfiet and piracy websites except it does not attack the sites at the source. Instead of terminating these unlawful sites, the operaters will simply change their web addresses and continue their activities. The American citizen and business will suffer most from these censorship acts, and the party whom it is meant to silence, will continue their malpractice as usual. 

Please take action today to prevent these two mistakes from being signed into law. Please visit Google's Campaign:  End Piracy, Not Liberty and sign the petition today, over 3 million Americans already have.

Another way to act is to look up your local Congressman and give him or her a call. Let them know first hand the damage these acts will do and let your voice be heard! An entire list of opposing organizations can be found here.

Hurry, the vote takes place on January 25th, so act now! Help protect and take control of our freedoms as Americans, and let us never be silenced.

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  • Lina
    03 February 2012 at 22:12 |

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